Critical Reasons to Stop Missing Leg Day

There is an epidemic going on, where no one feels like they need to train their legs anymore. I used to be someone that would never spend any time on developing my leg muscles. When I learned the error of my ways, was when I started to feel like I had become one of the guys that you just know takes care of himself. Here are four very important reasons why a leg day shouldn’t be a stress-inducing day, but rather one where you know you’re continuing your quest to get all muscled up!

1. It looks bad
I’m not going to pull any punches here so believe it when I say that your skinny legs, attached to a massive upper half are being noticed. I thought that I could hide the fact that I never used to effectively train my legs but it’s tough to keep hidden forever. Mark my words, a day will come in which you have no choice but to wear a pair of shorts and the truth will be revealed! Wouldn’t it be so much better to not fear that day, but welcome it with two chiseled legs of stone, I know that’s what I would want.

2. You’re putting too much weight on your upper half
Like seeing a Jenga tower that has too much going on at the top of it, loaded down with those little pesky blocks, a buckle is going to happen. When you focus all attention on your upper half, you leave yourself with legs that are yearning to be trained the same way. We know that muscle weighs more than fat, why would you want all of that weight bearing down on two legs that aren’t fully equipped to bear that weight? Building muscle onto your legs will help even out the weight distribution issue, making the weight imbalance less noticeable.

3. Missing out on new growth pathways
If you’re skipping out on leg day, you probably aren’t aware of the lifts that you’re missing out on! Let me be the first to tell you, many different training exercises that mainly strengthen the legs, doesn’t just mean that’s where the strength stops! Why the biggest of the big use full body exercise routines is because they know that lifting with your legs adds muscle in other places. When I began weightlifting, I wondered how lifting was going to help me get abs that I obsessed with having. It didn’t take long reading up about full body routines, until I read about how squats were connected to showing abs, better than most other techniques. As you know, the squat is an exercise commonly associated with leg day.

4. Less potential for injury
If you had a car, one that had everything well maintained and regularly brought to a mechanic, you would have a car in great condition, with no risk for any serious problems. The people that are the equivalent of this car are the ones who regularly train their legs. If we had a car that had everything maintained but the wheels, that vehicle will always be at risk to end up getting damaged. Think of your legs as the wheels of your car, if you keep putting stress under scrawny legs, an injury could be in your near future.

Skinny Bugs: Why You Need Probiotics

I had the chance to visit one of my female friends, who has having really serious indigestion problems. Without giving too much detail that, trust me, you don’t want to hear about, she was really starting to be in constant pain. What was happening was that she was not being able to digest her food properly. Not only causing painful symptoms, she was starting to slowly balloon up and I felt terrible for her. I racked my brain for an hour, trying to look up what could help take away the painful bloating that she was feeling. It was during my search, that I came across something known as Skinny Bugs. I had heard that you can get probiotics from certain yogurts, none of which she had in her refrigerator. I had come to realize that, perhaps, the digestive pains she was facing could be due to not eating right.
To take this supplement the correct way, take one chewable tablet with a meal. To pick which meal will be your decision but I would recommend using it with the bigger meal of your day. The Skinny Bug probiotics are strawberry flavored. Even though, due to my gender, I wasn’t supposed to try one, I had to anyway. Even though you may not suffer from ailments related to indigestion, you could still find benefit in ingesting probiotics. I had told this lady who was laying down, due to how bad the stomach pain had gotten, that she had to try one of these tablets. For some quick background on this woman, she never uses supplements. I have tried, to no avail, to try and get her to start taking better care of herself, always finding myself at the bottom of an uphill battle. We all have that one stubborn friend that is set in their ways and wants no convincing, if they didn’t come up with the idea.

The bacteria that is in the Skinny Bugs supplement is sort of part of the name. When I came across something with such an interesting title, I had to ensure that I wasn’t accidentally getting food for bugs. The probiotics that make up this supplement are bacteria that go to work, after ingested, to help maintain healthier weight management. You only need to use one tablet, per day, so don’t think that you will be running through bottles weekly, the amount of probiotics in each serving are more than enough to only be taken once per day.

bioticsSometimes, when we look for solutions to lose weight, a goal that almost everyone has, it’s easy to get discouraged. With so many different schemes aiming to shred you, all while leaving you feeling like you’ve barely lost a pound, it’s no fun. If you’ve had enough of feeling discouraged from trying to shed fat tissue with supplements, look to finding Skinny Bugs. An important note here is that the Skinny Bugs product is mainly made for women, I do not advise men to try this. I had only chewed up one tablet, to help encourage my friend that nothing was going to happen to me if I did. Jamie Eason, one of the most successful fitness models is on the cover of this bottle, as the line has had her input. For those not in the know, Eason has been a superstar and with her being in such great shape, you know you can trust anything with her name on it.

Trying for Strength Records with Testavar HD

Being often compared to each other, there are a vast number of differences between a prohormone and what is known as a testosterone booster. Give me the worst of the worst, when it comes to boosting testosterone and most likely it’s going to be a safer choice than the greatest prohormone. Going back into time, we’ve all learned that a prohormone was basically an altered steroid, with the pieces that weren’t wanted elsewhere, gross. Testavar HD is a supplement made to increase free testosterone levels. What can be misconstrued is how testosterone makes it pathway into your muscles. Why I feel safer using free testosterone raisers is because it isn’t adding any compounds for me, just what I already had floating around.

Do you hate when the shadier companies try to hide their ingredient list? I hate it but it didn’t take long to find the proudly displayed ingredient list for Testavar HD and it looks great. The first three ingredients in Testavar are zinc, magnesium, and vitamin b6 complex. Right away, we have three exceptional vitamins to use, in conjunction with raising testosterone. Why testosterone is important is because it is thought of as the strength hormone, naturally occurring in higher numbers in males. I have seen those ZMA products become a stand-alone product, we’re only getting started with Testvar HD. Maca and fenugreek help to round out this massively powerful list of ingredients that are well known to get your hormones back to where they should be. I would almost classify this supplement as a preworkout because that is how long-lasting the energy factor was for Testavar.

How I No Longer Hated Mornings!

I wake up early in the morning and I usually have to hit the door running, not easy to do five days a week. By mid-week, I used to feel work down and ready to crawl back into bed. With Testavar, I sleep like I never have before, leaving me ready to start my morning jumping out of that bed. I saw that stacking the Testavar with something called Betalean is better if you have extra pounds you want gone. I will try the Betalean later, as my supplement budget was close to being drained from last month, I’ve got to control myself. The only nitpick I have Testvar is that you are going to need to take six tablets a day, which can make a bottle feel empty quickly. On the contrary, I’d rather have to take a lot of tablets and get a supplement that is this strong, than taking one tablet and feeling nothing. If there was ever a sort of greatest hits compilation, for drawing in higher testosterone numbers, all ingredients in Testavar would make that list and that’s a big compliment.

What the average consumer doesn’t realize is just one bad ingredient can completely wreck an otherwise solid foundation. Itestavar second look was one of the first, of my circle, to every try fenugreek and people thought I was a nutcase. Namely, my close relative could barely hold back his lunch when he would watch me take the extract, to the point where I would make a game out of his weak stomach. Lastly, I had to throw a nod to the ingredient called Chrysin, which is getting mixed opinions over its effectiveness. ANSI knows this too, and even state that it might help your testosterone, don’t you love when a supplement maker is honest and upfront?

Stack Protein by EVL: Flavor Test

I’m back again, after running out and stocking up on an awesome protein sale. I now have each of the flavors from the stacked line of protein powders from EVL. There are five different flavors total, all of which smell great while sitting on my counter. As I’ve learned from past mistakes, smell and taste are not always directly related! Up first is the vanilla flavor, I believe that they officially call it vanilla ice cream. Am I a nutcase or is it tough to tell the difference between a vanilla and an ice cream variation? I don’t know what makes vanilla from ice cream that special but it does taste creamier. I really enjoyed what EVL did with their vanilla flavor. With each serving of this powder totaling up to twenty-five grams of protein, the sweet vanilla bean taste made this one that I gulped down.

Next, the chocolate decadence flavor was the next option that I would taste test. You’d be surprised but chocolate is a flavor that isn’t always done well by protein companies. I’ve had the good ones and others that made me want to spit it out in the sink. Think of your preferred type of hot chocolate, I swear I was able to taste a light marshmallow hint, that went well with the chocolate. It wasn’t a bitter kind of darker chocolate but a lighter variety that made this milky concoction have a lighter brown shade. The third flavor that is up in the line is their birthday cake, which was my favorite out of the entire line up. When I have tasted other cake combos, it’s rare that I taste anything but a fake sweet breading flavor.

Swirling together the subtle flavors that form a cake, this blend took away my worries that I wouldn’t find a comparable birthday cake protein to enjoy. Finally, we have cookies and cream, a flavor that I see in almost every protein powder out there, or is that just me? I liked the cookies and cream flavor, it wasn’t my favorite, but I’ve never preferred that dessert so I could have a bias against it. If you have ever eaten those black and white Hershey bars that are cookie flavored, that is what the EVL protein reminded me of. I know that cookies and cream is a dessert that will make anyone start drooling but I’m weird when it comes to flavors. Last up on the roster is chocolate peanut butter, not an original option but one that is very popular, I almost chose it as my favorite but the birthday cake won out, only by a small margin. Releasing in a five stage situation, think of the EVL protein as an extended release selection, good for those who need their powder lasting longer before needing to be ingested again. Adding in glutamine to the blend of ingredients adds a layer of post-workout security, helping to ease those torn up joints and muscles. If you are in need of calcium, you will be getting, an average of 16% of your required daily amount per serving of the protein that EVL has created. A little low in fiber, however, not enough is always highly preferred, next to too much of it. EVL does offer a variety pack, that I’ve seen here and there, which could be what you want, if you don’t want to commit too much to one flavor.

Essentrics is a New Exercise to Age Backwards

Time and time again, there comes along a routine that is so good, I have to talk about it. I promise that I will only do this, in instances where I feel that the hype behind the routine is actually legitimate. Essentrics is an exercise program that can be done by most ages, although it is most often aimed at helping senior citizens. I am nowhere near as old, as to qualify for being a senior citizen. Not everyone likes getting fit, through the use of weightlifting. You can place strain on your body and not all see gains, instead looking into what can go wrong. You won’t be busting out the tanktops and start pumping an insane amount of weight. Also, you don’t need to think about trying to pedal your way into a sweat, this program is different. What Essentrics wants to do is provide the person visiting the class a rare opportunity, to reverse how old they feel.

I’m a big believer that age is only in how you feel. I have known men that were well into their 60’s, who could out pace me any day of the week. On the other hand, I’ve seen far too many twenty-somethings who are so out of shape and in poor health that it looks like they could drop any day. What Essentrics will do is help to turn back the process of aging, no this isn’t some kind of makeup, rather exercises that will give you the mobility that you used to have. If you have had any nagging pains, these programs are great because more mobility means that you will feel younger. My stepparent had been in a really bad motorcycle accident years ago, that he somehow was able to walk away from. After being setup in a hospital room for months, once he was out, he really could have used a program like Essentrics.

The go as you choose pace, combined with a routine that is made for function, not looks, you don’t have anything to lose to try this a class, or more if you end up enjoying it. If there are no signups available in your area, you can find a vast collection of workout DVD’s to add to your library. I have ordered a few to try out, once the weather cools down, and they look awesome. The instructors offer a nice blend of humor, with the seriousness that is needed to get you standing up and walking in place. Don’t take it from me, there are a ton of people that have been talking about how these classes have really helped to rebuild them, from the ground up.


Not just some boot camp like experience with someone commanding you to move, you are really offered a total package, knowing that you are going to be strengthening those important mental muscles, not just the physical ones. Another reason that I get the heaps of praise from the senior citizen community, they require work to be done to sharpen their thinking skills. As the older citizens move out of the workforce, lose much of the daily mental sharpness that would be needed of them, for past work positions. If you want to try something new this weekend, see if there are any Essentrics lessons being given where you are located. You won’t transform the way you look but you could live with much more mobility.

Tokkyo Nutrition’s New Stack is Officially Here!

I’m excited, that is an understatement, I am ready to begin jumping up and down. I’m containing my thrills as much as possible, in order to give a good background over a stack made by Tokkyo Nutrition, a manufacturer that is vastly underrated. The stack that I just got in the mail has five separate ingredients within, to be taken in a 24-hour timeframe. A nice touch, to what was already a stellar package, was the liver support supplement being included within this stack. I’ve gone on past rants about how companies need to start disclosing what is needed for safely lowering prohormone numbers. Anidrol-X had surpassed any expectations that I had, when I was doing some preacher curls, my forearms were about to burst at the seams, I mean that in a better way than it sounds. If you are consistently lifting increased weights, a spike is estrogen can occur. At first, in the barely noticeable stages, you will not have a clue that excess estrogen is in your system. When it becomes easier to tell, will already be too late for any immediate removal of extra mass to just disappear.

Like a multivitamin helps with preventing sickness, any supplement that inhibits estrogen is one you will want when you don’t have it in the pantry. Bloating can ruin the run of one who is serious about wanting to get make drastic changes to his definition. I wasn’t always able to have a semi-nice chiseled stomach, I used to have a belly that would hang out over beltline. I can see why heavyset persons can forget how they appear on the outside. I’m sorry to sound insensitive but I have lived it, watching my belly slowly start to shrink down is a badge of honor to me and one that I proudly wear. Reducing that bloated feeling makes going through a month of this stack a breeze, it really flew by. I had seen different numbers floating around, when it came down to what to expect by taking this stack.

I don’t know exactly where I lie, within the crowd that Tokkyo Nutrition has built but I loved every minute of these supplements. Not feeling like I was walking around with a big protruding stomach was a nice perk to training days, when this stack was most often used to the fullest. Speaking of that, when I would go and train, I didn’t have any feelings of nauseas or dizziness, which can start when combining fast moves with a supplement. Knowing that I was also ridding my insides of the free radicals that can accumulate left me with a sense that I was being protected.

All five of the supplements that lie within this stack are full-sized, no skimping on quantity, you won’t find a sample-size stinking up the bunch. If you head to the site of Tokkyo Nutrition, they have a neat little mini-game where you spin a wheel, applying a discount to your order. I haven’t run out of this stack so I haven’t needed to make a re-order, I do hope that the wheel is there when I return to the website, it’s a really cool way to drive further business growth. By their side, there are other stacks that Tokkyo does have to offer, not content with being a one-trick pony. I didn’t want to be too confused, so I have only decided on the current stack.

Getting Old School: What is a Medicine Ball?

If you are an avid fan of this website, you know that I am always looking for safer ways, than prohormones, to pack on muscle. I want to shed light on what has, almost, become an extinct piece of workout equipment but it wasn’t always that way. In the early days of weightlifting, where you see those goofy looking pictures of the strongmen, medicine balls were one of the most underrated ways to gain strength out there. As technology took over, we began to see massive sized machines and new types of easier methods to exercise that would soon sweep away the legacy of the medicine ball. If you have heard a thing or two about the medicine ball, chances are that you don’t know how to start putting it to good use. The main purpose of using a medicine ball while you train, is used to enhance your pushing motions.

By throwing around a ball that has a decent weight to it, you are pulling more force from your body to effectively throw the ball. There are many different sizes of medicine balls, varying in weight ranges. If you have the opportunity, test out which ball you will select by tossing it around for a bit. Have an ideal range in mind because tossing too many medicine balls around could likely wear you out.

What I like most about using a medicine ball is how many different exercises you can use it for. From push ups to sit ups, and just about every other exercise in between, you will never be at a loss for when to use your medicine ball. To do your best to keep safety at the forefront of your training, practice throwing this ball around before you ever get too serious. It is advised that you have someone around you, in order to have another person to throw the ball to. Someone that I used to know thought that he didn’t need a workout partner to medicine ball train with, so he used a wall. What my friend neglected to think about was how big of a guy he was, someone who needed to use a twenty pound ball. Without having a nice set of sturdy steel walls, the medicine ball that this guy had thought would bounce crashed right through his wall.

throw lightly

I know that he spent hundreds to get his wall fixed back, after thinking that it would be a good idea to toss twenty extra pounds at it. The explosive pushing momentum that is gained from effective use of a medicine ball will be a form of strength that translates to many other lifting movements. Namely, the numbers you put up during a bench press would benefit heavily from medicine ball training. Pushing motions are ones that will primarily be done on days where you are working out your chest and leg groups. Don’t be that guy who tries to get his buddies to toss a medicine ball at his stomach, to show how strong his abs are. What will most likely happen is that you will feel like you got punched in the stomach and you will hit the ground hard and that is if you are lucky. Follow a good form of medicine ball training to get you started and see how you like it. It isn’t the most updated form of exercise, however, it is one that has been around for ages with plenty of strength training geniuses singing the praises of the medicine ball.

Feel the Pulse from A Stellar Pre Workout

When enough of us begin to rule out older ingredients, we come up with new and often innovative ideas. The debate about what can change nitric oxide in the body has gone on for quite a while. Arginine had long been the lead dog in the pack, so to speak, when any questions were asked about how to raise nitric oxide in the muscles. I started noticing, about five years ago, that many were starting to sour on how much building could be completed without using the arginine. Apparently, the fine company called Legion had been watching because this is a supplement that, only doesn’t contain arginine, it proudly will slap you right on the face with that information. With all that we hear about food colorings and dyes being placed into what we consume, seeing Pulse has no artificial coloring is a big step in the right direction. What had begun to turn me away from the leader pre workouts that were available was the dreaded crash. Do you know the feeling that you get whenever you consume a large amount of sweets, like cake at a birthday party?

Maybe you are aware of that post-Thanksgiving nap that you take, where you can barely keep your eyes open? Either of the feelings that I just talked about were comparable to a pre workout crash. Let me preface this next statement by saying that I am not someone that goes to sleep easily. I have no known sleep conditions, as a matter of fact, I will often need to take melatonin just to get to sleep on time. On most nights, I average about 7 hours of sleep, if I’m lucky. With all of that being said, I have never slept better than I have when I was the unfortunate victim of a pre workout causing me to zonk out way earlier than I had expected to.

One infamous bout of crashing happened when I was about to eat dinner! I remembered being so excited for dinner to be finished and that night I was eating in bed, due to some late night work that was keeping me up late. The next thing I knew, I had woken up in the middle of the night, right next to food that had now stunk up the entire room. I am so glad that I didn’t attract any ants with the fresh plate of food that was nearly left out in the open for the majority of the night. In four awesome flavors, which are: watermelon, fruit punch, green apple, and grape (my favorite).

I liked not having to see a bunch of silly sounding names of flavors, just tell me what they are, I thank the Legion company for doing just that. All in all, while it could be pricey, you are saving a lot of mental woe by not chugging a bunch of filler ingredients. Also, you won’t have to worry about the dreaded crash, as Pulse didn’t interfere with my sleep cycle while using it. I found this one sold on Amazon but haven’t really searched high and low yet but I plan on doing that soon. They have a really high amount of reviews, so it must be fairly popular. It looks like the voice of reason, concerning more ingredient transparency is really taking off!

How Dermastrength Unleashed Offers a Welcome Change of Pace

From a company called Olympus Labs, out of the United Kingdom, comes a lotion for bodybuilders but you didn’t hear me call it that. For anyone who is tired of being force fed half-truths from the makers of prohormones, Dermastrength could be right up your alley. Whenever you hear about a supplement that will be unlike anything else out there, it is easily to be jaded. With Dermastrength, we have the addition of 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin, which is great for changing the window that you receive natural protein through. Studied in many documents, these kind of plant prohormones are a more natural way to achieve a better look. I have to say that I am loving all of the findings that are coming out about plant steroids.

As more supplements want to be safer and are finding their ingredients through naturally grown plants, we all can rest a little easier. Laxogenin have seemed to become the newest form of prohormones, albeit a much safer and natural source than what we have known from the past. Finding out how often and where to put on Dermastrength is tougher to learn about than I would have thought. Even though there is less room for error with a topical solution, as opposed to any sort of tablets, you still want to remember how much you apply, throughout the day. I have seen instances where one does not think that a lotion is going to be as effective as the method they have utilized before so they go overboard.

Any Hormone-Like Supplement Can Be Overused

You can still end up sick if you put on too much Dermastrength, the same excesses that can harm you when used with any supplement out there. This product is also known for helping to further stabilize thyroid levels, assisting in providing you with more balanced hormones. A family member of mine has an overactive thyroid and can’t put on weight, if that person was to be a weightlifter, this could cause a ton of headaches. If you, or someone you know, has had a history of either an underactive or overactive thyroid, you have seen how much havoc this can wreak over someone else’s life.


You can do all of the heavy lifting and big eating that you can but if you have a thyroid that is causing your metabolism to change, it won’t make too much of a difference. If your thyroid is underactive, it will make random bouts of weight gain become a nagging annoyance, also not great conditions for trying to pack on a bit of muscle. Either way, having a thyroid that is stabilized can make astronomical changes to your personal development. Dermastrength is a supplement that can be applied to the skin, which may be seen as a safer route to take. No matter what your preferred method of application is, you should see some increases in the strength that you have, varying degrees of loss in excess fat, and a more stabilized thyroid, all elements of upping your weightlifting game. Don’t be weirded out by the different method of application, it seems odd but you will get used to the feeling. It is great to see plants being used to help bring more natural benefits, than what we already know about them. There is also another product in the topical application line by Olympus Labs, that is made for strength, primarily.

What Can’t Be Combined with Creatine?

When a select few get really into supplementation, some will turn into mad scientists, all who are obsessed with taking every measure to gain more muscle. I think that this kind of obsession does nothing but hurt you, mentally and physically. If you put in more thought into what supplements you are using, than that mental intensity you’re going to want later, you’re kind of missing the whole point. I wanted to mention the topic of what is safe to combine with a prohormone and what you shouldn’t even touch. Creatine has been a long staple product, when it comes to working out. Also, one of the longest lasting supplements out there, creatine has held a strong place in the workout world that is not going to be disappearing anytime soon, unlike prohormones!

creatine and prohormones combined

Now that we learned what some of those old prohormones really contained, stick with using creatine. When these two supplements could be combined, there were no adverse effects and if there were, it was going to be from using a shady prohormone. Why there was no adverse combination risks with using creatine was because of how common it is for us to get this ingredient, in foods that we have eaten all our lives. As a matter of fact, many would recommend using creatine with almost any other supplement out there because of how versatile it was in adding muscle tissue.

As long as you were following how much of each product you were taking, no combination could result in some freak accident, like some would think. The risk factor would increase dramatically when combining two prohormones. As certain manufacturers were hiding how their compounds were being made, adding another mystery mixture into the fray only made matters worse. If you are concerned about proper kidney function, which we all need to be, you won’t want to go overboard on how much creatine you are using. Not that you can now but if you were to be adding a prohormone with creatine, concerns could arise about potential harm to the kidneys.


There have been claims made that creatine can exacerbate dehydration and can mess with your electrolyte levels. I have used both prohormones and creatine, not at the same time, and have never ran into any dehydration issues. I might not be the best candidate though, as I always keep a bottle of water nearby! More than a few years ago, most supplement reviewers would have said a simple no to the question we are discussing today but attitudes have changed drastically. Currently, I would advise you to only use creatine and give prohormones a much deserved trip to the trashcan.

If you really want to play it safe, you don’t even have to buy a supplement to get a decent amount of creatine, you have probably eaten a food with this very substance in it today. There isn’t much official documentation on the benefits of creatine, only what you are going to hear from a few companies. I have always found that my muscles appear more dense when I am running creatine in my regimen but that could all be in my head. As for now, I have long since given up on using a prohormone and likely will never touch one again. Even though the jury could be out on creatine, I still keep a jar or two of it around, when I feel like really giving it my all.